Singaplural 2017: What to expect from new theme, new venue, and feature project


Singaplural is back for its sixth installment, and with a new venue to boot. To be held in F1 Pit Building (3rd floor) from 7 to 12 March, the anchor event of Singapore Design Week will be exploring the theme "Stories A New Perspective".

Highlights of Singaplural 2016 here.

The theme will delve into design — its processes and impact on our daily lives — through the perspectives of creative folk from various fields, giving visitors an intimate, behind-the-scene experience of the industry. Black, the award-winning design agency which designed Singaplural's logo, has been chosen to curate this design festival.

"It's really about artists and designers sharing their personal journey and development. The artists and brands we're working with are all multidisciplinarians, so visitors will be able to understand design from different viewpoints, from fashion to furniture," says Jackson Tan, the creative director of Black.

The Wireframe Chair by Colin Seah will be one of the many products to be showcased in Singaplural 2017. Image: Colin Seah

10 designers — all of whom are past President’s Design Award winners, including architect Randy Chan, multimedia firm Kinetic Design, and local product designer Nathan Yong — will also be collaborating with 10 illustrators for Singaplural's key feature project: "Tomorrow: Design Stories of Our Future". For this, designers like will be presenting their visions of the year 2065. 

"Charting what living, eating, and travelling will be like in 2065 is exciting, especially with prolific designers on board. The scope of imagination is tremendous, and I can't wait to see this materialise in March," says Singaplural chairman Mark Yong.  

"The Tomorrow showcase imagines the future through experiencing the past. Nostalgia and past technology  from borrowing a library book and handling an overhead projector  can inform the future, and it'll be interesting to see what the designers envision 2065 to be," says Jackson.

A sketch of the setup by Uniqlo x Machineast. Looks like it's going to be Instagram-worthy! Photo: Uniqlo and Machineast

Other highlights to look out for would be the Pop-Up segments, where designers are assigned to brands like Supermama and Ette Tea, to release a never-seen-before collection for Singaplural.

International clothing brand Uniqlo will also be teaming up with local designers Fizah and Ando from Machineast and Roots to feature Uniqlo's Airism clothing line. Visitors will be able to enjoy a series of mini games and installations which emphasise the quick-dry and breathable aspects of Airism.

SingaPlural 2017 will be held in conjunction with the International Furniture Fair Singapore/ASEAN Furniture Show and Nook Asia. Tickets for unlimited entries will be sold on-site at $10 each. Local students, children 12 years and below as well as senior citizens aged 60 and above will enjoy free admission. For a full list of participating brands and artists, visit www.singaplural.com