Are you sleeping on a bed full of dust mites?


Do you change your mattress as often as you need to? In a Courts survey, 30 per cent of participants say they usually wait 10 years before changing their mattresses.

And only 23 per cent cleans their mattress regularly. As an average mattress has up to two million asthma-inducing house mites in it, this number is indeed worryingAnd don't forget other gross particles like moulds and dead skin cells! 

Consider mattresses with removable and washable covers (more cleaning tips here), opt for latex-based mattresses which generally have less dust mites and bacteria build-up due to its natural properties, or get a mattress protector.

The Courts survey also revealed that 63 per cent of parents do not change their children's mattresses, despite this being a factor in poor sleep quality.

"We hope this offers an interesting insight into Singaporeans’ mattress use and care habits, and emphasises the importance of changing one’s mattress within the recommended timeframe of 5-10 years and not waiting for physical discomfort before doing so. Homeowners should also invest in regular mattress care, which can include professional cleaning that removes dust, dead skin, dust mites and excrement," says Courts representative Charlene Poon.

(Tip: What to look out for when buying mattresses in stores)

Courts retails such a mattress dry-cleaning solution starting from S$99 for two mattresses as well as pillow sanitisation, available for purchase at all its stores. To commemorate World Sleep Day, Courts is also running a World Sleep Day bedding sale at all stores islandwide from 17-20 March 2017, with discounts of up to 60% on 22 bedding brands and a free iWatch, iPad Pro or iPhone 7 Plus with a minimum purchase.