Ariston’s new and sleek water heater


Ariston’s Andris Slim 20 water heater is the perfect option if you’re looking for one that can fit into an apartment home. The sleek design and form factor of the space-saving storage water heater also means less hassle in complementing the look of your bathroom.

 It is made to fit the smaller living spaces of today. It retails at $329 and is powered by electricity. It has a slim tank that is 70cm long, 28cm wide and 30cm thick.

It stores up to 20 litres of water, and its titanium tank is coated with enamel and made with high-insulation materials to enhance energy conservation.

The storage water heater promises extra durability through a copper heating element that produces more hygienic water output with its anti-microbial treatment.

Instant water heaters use less energy and work faster, but storage water heaters might be better if you need hot water supplied to a few bathrooms.

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Article by Ronald Loh, originally appeared in The New Paper