Ornamentation and decorative display is in, says design expert


Fussy trinkets and ornaments are on trend in interior design and decorative display and storage space is more in demand than ever.

"People want to accessorize and decorate again," explains trend researcher Frank A. Reinhardt at the International Interiors Show that recently took place in Germany.

As a result, "People are interested in shelves - if they want to have more decorations, they need somewhere to put them."

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 Design: Studio JP

Decorating is a constant work in progress and Reinhardt spoke of living spaces being a "a kind of collage" where the latest furniture designs, design classics and family heirlooms sit alongside each other.

Even a bike could be in the corner, as seen in many current lifestyle and fashion magazines. It's all about going crazy with your ideas. 

"But what appears to be randomly placed is, of course, elaborately styled," explains Reinhardt. Not everyone can do this and you need to have a knack for it. "Another option is to hire an interior designer, who can really go all out."

The goal is to have a "feel-good atmosphere."

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 Design: Fbeye International

One thing that could please a lot of people: "There is no right or wrong any more," emphasized Reinhardt in a trend lecture at the interiors show. Personal tastes are mixed and combined however you want.

"It's not just life that is contradictory - our homes are too," wrote Reinhard tabout this trend in interior design.

This story was written by Simone Andrea Mayer for Deutsche Presse-Agentur.