Shopping: Stylish tissue boxes from The Better Company


The Warm Mustard Box is eyecatching in modern homes

When Vicky Tay was doing up her new home, she had no trouble finding the right furniture, accessories and art pieces. What frustrated her was finding tissue boxes that were pretty and would not ruin her attempt at a designer-worthy space. In the end, she would hide the tissue boxes in drawers.

Ms Tay, who has no design training but has worked in the fashion industry, says a great deal of design attention is given to premium products but none to ordinary everyday household items.

She adds: "This frustrates me as design principles and aesthetics should not be based on the value of a product. Modern living is about encompassing design in every way possible and my dream is to uphold this belief."

So, she started The Better Company, and designed her own range of tissue boxes to fit any style of home decor.

They come in three collections: Solids, Marble and Color Block.

(Photo: The Better Company)

Solids come in a single colour such as mustard yellow and indigo, which is "simplicity at its best", says Ms Tay.

She also loves the sophisticated look of white marble, hence the tissue boxes which mimic the stone. Color Block comes in duo tones of vanilla and black, and mint and coral. "Duo tones provide a simple yet strong statement," says Ms Tay.

A pack of four tissue boxes cost S$5.95, and the tissue paper is made of 100 per cent virgin pulp and is dye and fragrance free.

Ms Tay says the tissue boxes are always good conversation pieces. When people see the marble one from a distance, they always mistake it for the real thing. "When they realise it is a disposable box they are pleasantly surprised," she says.

Written by Tay Suan Chiang for The Business Times