4 effective cleaning tools to check out

Wondering which floor cleaner suits your home? Check out these reviews:

Leifheit Trekker Floor Squeegee Wiper, $34

If water stains in the bathroom annoy you, invest in the Leifheit Trekker Floor Squeegee Wiper. The wide, thicker sponge wipes away water on the floor and glass so floor dries quicker. Call me obsessive, but I’ve been using it everyday on my glass shower screens in a bid to reduce soap scum stains near the bottom of the screens. It’s tedious to do daily, but it’s worth it to maintain a clean shower screen.  I’ve also noticed that wiping away the pools of water reduces the humidity in the bathroom, which in the long run, will be great for reducing damage to your carpentry. 

Available at Home-Fix and Tangs.

This post was first published on Singapore Women's Weekly.