What to do this weekend (18 August – 20 August)

Nostos: Records of the Self

In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the Singapore Night Festival, Aesop will be offering an evocative scent experience designed to prompt memory and recollection. Using scent’s ability to attach itself to certain memories and transport us back in time, a smell uniquely developed for the festival will act as an everlasting mark in the minds of visitors. The exhibition uses light to heat the essential oils, consisting of Bergamot, Sandalwood and Olibanum, in ten handcrafted steel wells, creating a space permeating with respite and reflection.


Date: 18 August - 26 August

Time: 10am – 12am (18 - 20 Aug, 24 - 26 Aug), 10am – 10pm (21 - 23 Aug)

Where: Singapore Night Festival, Gallery 10, National Museum of Singapore

Price: Admission varies per ticket

Find out more: here