LoveHome Programme

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When appliances break down, it’s such a headache. Finding a reputable repairman, scheduling a home visit, dealing with the unexpected expense… it’s time, effort and money better spent on what matters to you.

With the LoveHome Programme, we take these worries away and look after your refrigerator, washing machine, oven/cooker/hood, water heater and your air conditioners. For as low as $1.10* a day, we provide a free health check of your appliances, arrange for a repairer and will take care of up to $7,500 in total repairs for your appliances.

Enjoy 20% off our LoveHome package. Available for a limited time at only $399 (U.P. $499) for a year-long cover.

+ How does the LoveHome Programme work?
Have a product that’s not working?
Call 1800-LOVHOME (1800-568-4663)
Our customer care representative assesses the problem
We repair or replace the appliance*
+ What does LoveHome cover?

The LoveHome programme covers and cares for the following:

Main household kitchen refrigerator, including integrated freezer and ice-maker
Washing machine
Front or top loading washing machine, including integrated drying function (if applicable)
Water Heater
Main household water heater, including both gas or electric models
Both gas and electric (induction coil) cooktop and integrated oven and hood
Air Conditioners
Up to 6 air-con units, including window units, split units and cassette units
+ How much does a LoveHome Programme cost?
Usual Price
SGD $499 (including GST) Promotional price: SGD$399
*SGD 1,500 limit for each appliance during the term of service
Term of Service
12 months from LoveHome Programme activation
+ Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do when my appliance breaks down?
Call us on 1800-LOV-HOME(1800-568-4663) so we can assess the appliance breakdown and dispatch a repairer to your home on the agreed date and time.
What kinds of repairs are covered?
When you sign up for the LoveHome programme, we will conduct a free Health Check to assess your appliances. The programme is activated when all the appliances pass the check. This means that when one item breaks down, you can call our 1800 LOVHOME hotline and we will arrange for an authorised service technician to do the repair. The service covers mechanical and electrical breakdowns. If the appliance cannot be repaired, we will arrange for a replacement for the closest make or model that’s within the cap for the appliance.
What is a Health Check?
A Health Check is an assessment to check the status of your appliances. We want to make sure these are in good working order prior to programme activation. An authorised service technician will conduct the check. He will also share tips and tricks to ensure your appliances remain in good health. Apart from the convenience of the hotline for repairs, the programme gives you the peace of mind that your appliances are protected 24/7 for 12 months.
What breakdowns am I protected against?
You are protected against mechanical and technical breakdowns during the term of the program, regardless of brand, model, or age of the covered appliances.
When does my cover start?
Your 12-month cover starts once full payment has been received and the result of your Health Check is positive.
Am I covered overseas?
LoveHome is only available in Singapore at the moment.
What happens if one of my appliances fail the Health Check?
You have the option to repair the broken appliance(s) yourself or have our service technician repair it at your own cost. Once proof is shown that it is repaired, the affected appliance will then be included in the LoveHome programme. You can also choose to exclude the broken appliance(s) from the programme. However, there is no refund for the excluded item(s) as LoveHome is a bundled plan.
What is the $1,500 claim limit?
Under the LoveHome programme, each appliance can be repaired for a maximum of $1,500. This means we will repair or replace the broken item up to the available claim limit within a 12-month period. Every approved repair cost will be deducted from the available claim amount.
What is the $50 call-out fee?
The call-out fee is to cover the costs of dispatching the service technician to your home. For genuine repairs, the call-out fee of $50 will be deducted against your claim limit for that item together with the repair costs. If there is no repair required, or the repair is not covered by the program, you will be asked to cover the $50 call out fee. Payment details will be sent via email.
Does the Love Home plan cover replacements?
Yes, it does. If our service technician reports that the appliance cannot be repaired, or if it more cost efficient to replace, we will arrange for a replacement item with a similar capacity and specifications within the available claim amount.
What happens when I use up my claim amount?
If the balance for your claim limit is $200 or less, we will let you know prior to the repair as you might be asked to top up the balance. Once a claim amount has been fully utilised for a particular appliance, you cannot make additional repairs or claims.
What happens when I move to a different address?
If you move homes during the LoveHome service period, do give us a call at 1800 LOVHOME. We will take down your new address and conduct a Health Check for the appliances in your new home. However, this will incur an administrative charge of $80 outside of the claim amount. Payment details will be sent via email.
What happens if I replace a covered item?
If you buy a new appliance during the LoveHome service period, let us know via 1800 LOVHOME. You need to provide evidence of the new purchase for us to be able to include it in the programme.
What breakdowns are not covered?
LoveHome does not cover accidental/deliberate/cosmetic damages. Unauthorised repairs done by technicians outside of the LoveHome programme will render the cover void, and breakdowns caused by forces of nature will also be excluded from coverage. For a complete list of exclusions, please refer to the LoveHome Terms & Conditions.
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The Health Check for the appliances covered under the Service Maintenance Plan is mandatory and should be undertaken within 30 days of your signing up and confirming payment for the LoveHome Programme. Failure to do so will result in termination of the Service Maintenance Plan with immediate effect and payment will be refunded to you less the administration charge of S$20. Should you wish to terminate the Service Maintenance Plan after the Health Check and provided that no repairs have been made, you will be refunded your payment less the administration fees of S$100. Please refer to the terms and conditions for the detailed fee schedule.

The Service Maintenance Plan is a bundled service plan covering the appliances as stated above. There will not be any pro-rated return of fees paid if one or more of your appliances are not covered as a result of a failure of the Health Check or if you opt to refrain from repairing the item/s as requested by the Health Check technician.

A call out fee of S$50 is chargeable for each home visit, deducted from the Limit cap available for each appliance for genuine repairs.

*Terms and conditions apply. | +Health check to be completed by our authorised technician within 30 days of sign up; appliances need to pass health check before term of service becomes effective. | ^ $1,500 limit per appliance.

Have a question? Drop an email to our friendly customer service representatives at: support@sphm-newmedia.biz