There's no need to break down when your home appliances do.

Let LoveHome give you peace of mind as you enjoy the convenience of hassle-free repairs of home appliances; and if the appliance is beyond repair, we'll replace it*!

*^Please refer to Disclosures, FAQ and T&Cs for more information.

Exclusive Promotion

What It Covers?

For as low as $1.10^ a day with the LoveHome Programme, you get*:
Main household kitchen refrigerator, including integrated freezer and ice-maker
Washing machine
Front or top loading washing machine, including integrated drying function (if applicable)
Water Heater
Main household water heater, including both gas or electric models
Both gas and electric (induction coil) cooktop and integrated oven and hood
Air Conditioners
Up to 6 air-con units, including window units, split units and cassette units

... and that's regardless of age, brand or model!

How It Works?

Have a product that's not working?
Call 1800-LOVHOME (1800-568-4663)
Our customer care representative assesses the problem
We repair or replace the appliance*

Special discount for H&D readers

^Enjoy 20% discount when you sign up for LoveHome now - just $399/year(U.P. $499)!

*^Please refer to Disclosures, FAQ and T&Cs for more information.

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