Bold with their choice of furniture and furnishings, these homeowners achieved the look of a luxurious classical-style home in their HDB maisonette apartment.

As advised by their fengshui master, the couple clad the walls in their home with gold textured wallpaper. A bird cage-inspired chandelier hangs by the staircase and creates an attractive focal point.
A couple 
Five-room HDB 
executive maisonette
in Woodlands
Evidently a houseproud owner, Ivanna decorated the entrance with artificial plants, photo frames and even Tiffany chairs that line the sidewalk. For the front door, the couple chose a vintageinspired grille from Doctor Doors.
Ivanna styled the living room beautifully with a selection of decor including intricately designed mirrors, accompanied by cushions, throws and side tables.
For homeowner Ivanna Cherylynn Tan Jumaat, it has always been her dream to own a maisonette apartment decked in luxurious Victorian-inspired furniture and designs. When she and husband Tommy Low first acquired their twostorey resale flat in Woodlands, Ivanna jumped at the opportunity to fill her home with her favourite furniture items, which she had collected over the years.
Despite the glitzy pieces, the overall look exudes a cosy ambience, thanks to the large, cushy seats decked in satin, silk, velvet and fabric upholstery. There are even some do-it-yourself projects that she created, including a table lamp clad in white feathers that sits in the living room. Ivanna was also bold in her choice of lighting fixtures, selecting a variety of chandeliers for the apartment.
With a renovation that amounted to $50,000, as well as approximately $50,000 for furniture and furnishings, the couple managed to transform their home into a luxurious abode. 
To enlarge the kitchen area, a wall between the kitchen and living room was hacked. This allows for easy communication between the areas, too. The original entrance to the bathroom in the kitchen was reconfigured and moved to the back to achieve a seamless look. Wainscot panels on the walls add dimension to the room.
To keep the living room from looking overbearing, Ivanna chose furnishings in a neutral palette of beige and white. A geometric zigzag-patterned rug underfoot grounds the space.
The dining room sits right by the entrance, and enjoys natural light from the common corridor outside. The light is also reflected off the mirrored surfaces of the dining table, which is complemented by black-and-white round-back chairs. Behind, a sideboard filled with the couple’s photos and knick-knacks give the home a personal touch.
“This is my favourite — yet most expensive — part of the home,” Ivanna shares of the master bedroom design, which showcases black framed glass doors that replaced original walls. “We needed several approvals for constructing the window panels and door, and that added to the costs,” she adds.

Customised fullheight shelves were added in the master bedroom to keep the space looking clutterfree. Curtains in maroon hues, paired with rugs in the room, offer both a bold look and a cosy ambience.

The guestroom is complete with high-back chairs in velvet finishes and bright hues like red and gold.

text DOMENICA TAN photography DARREN CHANG art direction KAFFY TAN