Calming earth tones take centre stage in a minimalist environment, along with an emphasis on simple lines and graceful silhouettes. Getting that cool Japanese in spired aesthetic or rustic Scandinavian look is easy, as long as you focus on pairing muted colours like white, ivory, beige, taupe, ecru or fawn, with complementary shades, such as a pale pink, light grey or a dark khaki. The resulting style should be effortless, comforting to the eye and allow the textures of each material to stand out.

Pierre Frey’s Natecru collection features a range of earth tones presented in 100 per cent silk fabrics of various weaves, patterns and designs. www.pierrefrey.com 


Design Consultant, AK+

the expert says 
"There’s an increasing trend in the use of earth tones for home interiors, partly because of the popularity of minimalist brands like Muji. While it’s not hard to see the appeal of this look, it is important to keep in mind that personalisation is still key when it comes to good interior decorating. We need to inject our own character, with design that is adaptive to our habits and way of life. This ensures a more lasting, timeless approach, when incorporating such soothing tones into our homes. A good approach would be to focus on using a larger variety of materials and textures to make up for the lack of contrast in the colours.”