It’s tough keeping small kitchens clutter-free, especially when you lack storage space. Here are 10 ways to keep your cooking space neat and tidy.


Attach wall-mounted shelves

For easy reach and convenience, use these wall-mounted shelves for everyday items such as cups and bowls.

Ikea’s BOTKYRKA wall shelf retails for $49 at Ikea stores, tel: 6786-6868.

Visit www.ikea.com/sg.


Install ceiling-height cabinets

Ceiling-height cabinets are the perfect place to store bulky appliances, but they can be tricky because they are placed so high up. Gain easy access with a user-friendly pull-down system. The iMove pulls downwards and outwards in one swift and effortless movement.

Hafale’s iMove can be found at #01-27/28, 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, price upon request.

Call 6848-9075 or visit www.hafale.com.sg.


Hang your knives

Squeeze out more countertop space by hanging your knives from this handy magnetic knife rack. It is made of durable, and easy-to-clean stainless steel, and helps to keep your knives at your fingertips.

Ikea’s GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack is priced at $19.90 and can be found at IKEA stores. Check out www.ikea.com/sg or call 6786-6868.


Create a spice rack

Using a sponge rack to hold essential cooking spices not only is a smart way to clear up your cupboard storage space, but also provides easy reach. It can also hold essential ingredients like garlic and onions.

Muji’s stainless steel sponge rack is priced at $16 at Muji retail stores, tel: 6346-4123. Check out www.muji.com.sg.


Keep it clean with under-sink drawers

Storage areas under sinks can tend to get a little messy and cluttered. To squeeze out more space, use an under-sink drawer to store your cleaning supplies.

Muji’s PP case drawer (large) retails for $19 at Muji retail stores, tel: 6346-4123.

Visit www.muji.com.sg.


Hang utensils from the inside of cabinets

Keep your kitchen tidy by hanging cooking tools such as ladles, spatulas and whisks on the inside of cabinets. Just stick a Command utensil hook on the cabinet door, and voila!

3M’s Command utensil hooks retail for $5.20 at authorised retailers.

Visit www.command.com.sg.


Organise your plugs

If you hate how disorganised your plugs and cables look, try Eubiq for a change. Apart from a sleek and modern look, this power outlet system is super flexible, too. Its power tracks are great for storing plugs and cables – you can engage power for up to 11 adapters anywhere along the track.

Eubiq’s E power track can be found at Eubiq retail stores, price upon request. Call 6372-9393.


Use a paper towel dispenser for trash bags

Slot a roll of trash bags down the paper towel dispenser and place it in a cabinet, instead of folding them up. This makes for more storage space, and is convenient to use.

Bam.boo’s paper towel holder is priced at $17.90 on www.naise.com.


Use a dish rack to store baking trays

Dish racks can be used for more than drying the dishes. You can use them to store and sort baking trays, cutting boards, and even pot lids! A good pick would be this Minimal dish rack designed by Bam.boo, made from environmentally friendly bamboo.

Bam.boo’s Minimal dish rack retails for $17.90 and can be found at www.naiise.com.


Make full use of narrow spaces

Hafale’s Base unit No. 15 is perfect for those awkward leftover spaces between kitchen cabinets. With maximum flexibility, this slim pull-out unit makes practical use of even the narrowest of gaps and provides extra space for spices, towels, trays and oils. On top of that, the fitting can be clipped onto the runner without tools, making setup super simple.

Hafale’s Base unit No. 15 is available on www.hafale.com.sg, price upon request. Call 6848-9075.