Season of giving: Places to donate pre-loved items in Singapore

With the new year approaching, there's no time like now to declutter your house and start the year with a sparkling, clean home. 

But instead of tossing everything into the dump, your pre-loved items that are in good, usable condition could benefit the less fortunate instead. Here's where to check out.

1. Pass-It-On

Pass-It-On is a non-profit project that connects the general public to the needy via Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs). VWOs request for items on behalf of their clients that can range from infant milk formulas to refrigerators which appear on the website’s “Wish List”. The public can fulfil these wishes by donating the requested items, or list items they’d like to donate on the website and wait for a VWO to contact them directly if the item is of use.

What types of items:

  • Infant milk formula
  • Electrical appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves and television sets
  • Wheelchairs

How and where:

Visit www.passiton.org.sg to see the latest wish list or put up the items you’d like to gift on their website.

Additional reporting: Michelle Lee. Cover photo: Artificial Photography on Unsplash