Zodiac Forecast 2018: Monkey




Average (Ranked 9th)



Luck 44%

A year of learning and discovery awaits the inquisitive and intelligent Monkey. As the Voyager star boosts your luck, you shall be presented with countless opportunities to travel overseas. However, you are likely to be indecisive, due to the Pessimistic star’s influence, leading to lack of confidence in your own abilities and being overly cautious. Consider developing abroad as it will offer you fresh perspectives and give you a growth mindset to deal with potential setbacks. However, this also means that you may have to make sacrifices on the romantic front. Any academic pursuits this year will be highly rewarding, so study hard and gain valuable knowledge. Your career and wealth prospects will improve significantly. 


Career                        ★★★

Opportunities to shine in your career lie beyond borders and you should travel to discover what you are truly capable of. Going overseas shall also allow you to develop a global network of business contacts for future endeavours. If you are given the opportunity to go on business trips, put in your best work to advance your career.



The foreboding presence of the Mourning Star (吊客) hints at funeral encounters; avoid visiting patients in hospital and take good care of elderly family members' health. At the same time, you may be beset by feelings of pessimism, fear, and worry due to various setbacks. Remember that your state of mind is the key to conquering any obstacles; spend more time with friends trying to accomplish new things to stay positive.  


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