Zodiac Forecast 2018: Rooster




Bad (Ranked 10th)



Luck 36%

This shall be a challenging year for Roosters, but being able to respond and adapt quickly will help you get through and eventually find success. Due to the presence of the Illness star, you are susceptible to poor health and extra care must be taken to prevent ailments from developing into chronic illnesses. This also results in wealth loss in the form of medical expenses and lost opportunities. At home, fights with your spouse will become frequent; extreme patience and understanding is needed on your part. Yet, if you carry on with determination, the Breakthrough star shall reward you with recognition in your career and studies. 


Career                        ★★★

From organisational reshuffles to strategy changes, this will be a busy and professionally challenging year for you. Therefore, you will need to be highly adaptable and not try to stick to old routines. Be proactive with your superiors and business partners. Also, communicate clearly with subordinates to let them know you are on their side. 



The stresses of your career or academic life this year will lead to hormonal imbalance, causing poor sleep quality and weakened immunity that results in frequent headaches and ailments, like cold and flu. Furthermore, do not ignore pains as they may be a sign of conditions like gallstones that, in severe cases, may require surgery. Try to consume more fruits and vegetables, and exercise with friends to lift your spirits. 


Lucky Colours


Zodiac forecast provided courtesy of Way Fengshui Group.

Images & lucky colours provided courtesy of Nippon Paint.