Zodiac Forecast 2018: Pig




Good (Ranked 4th)



Luck 80%

Thanks to the Happiness star heralding celebrations for yourself and those around you, a year of bliss lies ahead for the cheerful Pig. If you are choosing between having a child or furthering your career, don’t stress over the final decision. Follow your heart and you’ll find happiness. You will also receive encouragement and support from male benefactors, so be bold in showcasing your professional abilities. Do not take things for granted. As you celebrate, be watchful of overspending as the Wealth Loss star will deplete your hard-earned savings.


Career                        ★★★★

Thanks to Yi Ma Voyager star, new business and career opportunities will present themselves when you are overseas. You will meet helpful business contacts on your travels and the idea of migration may also come up. However, you should thoroughly research the business and economic environment of your target country before taking the leap, for the grass is always greener on the other side. For professionals, you may encounter a new boss at work who makes challenging demands, but your easy-going and helpful nature is advantageous in helping you build rapport and pave the way for successful collaboration.


Health                        ★★★★

While you may find lots of happiness, this is also a good time to get fit and healthy. Start with regular exercise and sleep, and avoid overconsumption of sugary foods and alcohol. Instead, try savoury and healthy snacks such as seaweed and nuts that will keep you feeling energised. You can also build on your spiritual wellness by joining events like charity runs or participating in volunteer events.   


Lucky Colours


Zodiac forecast provided courtesy of Way Fengshui Group.

Images & lucky colours provided courtesy of Nippon Paint.