Young’s Big Move: Episode 2 (Walkthrough with my interior designer)

Episode 2: Seeing the potential in a resale flat

It was the Chinese sage Lao Tzu, who once said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Similarly, trying to find my dream home felt pretty much like travelling a thousand miles at first. Yet once I got going with the first viewing, things progressed pretty fast from there.


And that’s the first mistake home buyers tend to make – procrastinating on home viewings. It can be tedious scrolling through the neverending list of homes for sale on property portals, and if you spend too much time deliberating on every entry you will never be able to narrow down the list. So write down your criteria, what you are looking for, and be firm with it. Here's a checklist of things to do when you are looking for a resale flat. 


I decided to rope in Stella Thng, Home & Décor’s property specialist, to help with rounding up some home viewings. (Psst... here are Stella's tips on the 5 things property agents don't tell you.For her, knowing the intention of your home purchase is the most essential point. I plan on staying in my new home for the next 10-15 years, so it has to be at a location that I like and the layout has to be something that I can convert into my desired style. That certainly helped to remove several unsuitable homes from my list.


So we checked out seven units that day, but the ironic thing was, after all the viewings were completed I still preferred the first unit that we went to! I’m a big believer of fate, so I believed it was destiny that brought me to that home. However, Stella wasn’t as convinced. According to her, the unit was the oldest among all that we’ve seen (it’s about 30 years old), and I might have issues later if I want to sell it because banks are unlikely to offer loans for homes with less than 60 years on its lease. But as I’ve said before, I wasn’t intending to buy this unit for investment, so that wasn’t a compelling enough reason for me not to get the unit.


Here’s a firsthand look at the floorplan…

And here’s the layout of the unit.


Initial impressions:

I really liked that the layout is squarish, and there are no odd corners in the apartment. The kitchen is also long and spacious, with direct-access to the chute. Sure, the walls are stained but I could see that this house still has very nice bones (architecturally), and while the ceiling is a tad low for my liking it wasn’t a dealbreaker. The rest of the house was also in acceptable condition, and when the windows are open there is a constant flow of light breezes blowing through from the living area right through into the kitchen. It didn't take me long to decide to make a move on the offer, although I ensured that I'd gone through the considerations prior to giving the seller's agent a call

Having decided that this was ‘the’ unit after some weeks of consideration and consulting with my fengshui master, the next thing I needed to do was to get an interior designer’s point of view on the unit. That’s when I decided to drop my buddy – Shukun Bu, Creative director of Architology, a call. Now Kun has been just as excited about my impending move as Stella, and he’s ‘choped’ to see my apartment as soon as I buy it. Having seen his previous projects before I’m also hoping that he can give me some ideas on how to renovate the space.


In the next episode, take a look at Kun's video walkthrough of the proposed new look for my home! 

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