Love to Lounge: Chaise longues for every home

Taken from Joseph Aronson’s Encyclopedia of Furniture (1938), the definition of the chaise longue is “a long chair, a form of sofa or day-bed with upholstered back for reclining”.

Is it “chaise longue” or “chaise lounge”?

Both, it seems, are fairly understood to mean the same thing though chaise longue would be the original French term. When the English imported the long chair from France, they anglicized the ‘longue’ to ‘lounge’, an English word spelled with the same letters and fortuitously bearing the same meaning as the original chaise longue, meaning “a long couch”.

Pictured: Molteni&C Paul sofa by Vincent van Duysen, from P5

This versatile piece is part of Paul, a set of sofas designed by Belgian designer Vincent van Duysen for Italian furniture brand Molteni&C. Designed to be the end element of an adjoining sofa to make a long multi-seater, it is also complete on its own as a chaise longue.

Buy this because… You’re undecided about committing to either a chaise longue or a sofa. Don’t sweat it, you can have both.