Exciting new collections launched at Singapore Design Week 2018


Although new to Singapore, the brand was started in 2012, by Yuichiro Hori, a former furniture designer from Japan, who decided to move his factory to Shanghai, as he was impressed with the city's large-scale furniture factories with new machines and highly skilled workers.

Mr Hori doesn't design anymore, but he works with leading design firms such as Neri&Hu, Space Copenhagen, and OEO Studio.

Mr Hiro says Stellar Works was started as a way to bring ideas together: East and West, heritage and modernity, craft and industry. "By drawing together a unique combination of heritage, craft skills and production expertise from Europe and Asia, we have created an international design brand with cross-cultural resonance," says Mr Hori.

In Singapore, Stellar Works chairs can be found in The Warehouse Hotel and at the Straits Clan, and elsewhere such as Lady Bund in Shanghai and Ted Baker's Penthouse in London.

P5 Studio, 213 Henderson Road, #01-08