Singapore designs at 2018 Milan Design Week

Singapore-based designers made a strong showing in Milan for the prestigious Design Week which was held from April 17 to 22.  

Exchanged Forms By Kyoto Design Lab and Design Incubation Centre

A chess table in the void deck of an old HDB block may look grubby to a passer-by. But not to Japanese design student Toki Sakurai, who took inspiration from those blue and white-tiled table and created a chess table of his own. His version is made of oak and resin, and rectangular in shape rather than round.

Meanwhile, Singaporean design student Cheryl Ho was inspired by the way light filters through the lattice patterns of Japanese windows, when she created a pair of wall lights that form a grid lattice when overlapped with each other.

These two are part of 17 items designed by students from the Kyoto Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology and Design Incubation Centre, National University of Singapore. Students from each country collected characteristic elements that represent their own culture. They were then exchanged, with each student tasked to come up with his or her own interpretations of the culture element they selected.

Patrick Chia, founding director of the Design Incubation Centre, says: "Through this project, we hope to discover and rethink our lives through each other's lens and interpretation."