H&D Hotlist #028: New design products, furniture and home accessories

Few things are better than putting your feet up while luxuriating in a tub of warm bath water. For those who prefer a freestanding bathtub with an unconventional look, the Sampan by Apaiser is definitely worth investing in. Designed in collaboration with architecture firm Woha, the Sampan collection includes baths and basins. The design language, inspired by traditional sampan boats (a common sight in olden-day Singapore), encompasses geometric forms and tapered silhouettes. Made with Apaiser’s exclusive blend of marble composite material, these captivating vessels will offer you the perfect space for an intimate retreat any time of the day.

Available in four colours, the Sampan collection is a vailable at the Apaiser showroom, 23 Mosque Street. Find out more at www.apaiser.com