10 questions with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, judge of The Apartment reality design competition

1. What gets you out of bed in the mornings? 
I could say my butler, but in fact I’m very self-motivating and a real morning person. Imagine Stan from American Dad but with more hair and no slippers. 

2. What gets you to sleep?
Gin and the love of a good wife.

3. One music track that you listen to while you work.
Anything from British composer John Tavener. I love the glamorous solemnity of his works. I get quite “monk-ish” when I work, so listening to the chants featured in his music helps.

4. Your favourite pet.
At home, we are constantly surrounded by pets and livestock. I did once have a perfectly charming dresser crab in a tank. He was lovely but refused to do the one thing dresser crabs are supposed to 
do, which is cover himself in bits of coral, pearls, sequins or anything else I popped in there with him.

5. Which natural element inspires you?
It’s a shame gin isn’t an element…

6. Your fondest memory as a child.
I clearly remember the exquisitely romantic wallpaper in my grandmother’s bedroom in their big house in Wales. It must have been when I was very young, because they moved when I was five. It was a clear crisp duck egg-blue background, with biscuit-coloured birds. Otherwise, elsewhere round the house was hideously dark and rather gothic.

7. One cause you will fight for.
I’ll always fight for everybody’s right to decorate in whichever way they want to express themselves… as long as it looks good that is.

8. What would you like to have as your last meal on earth?
I want to eat whatever is about to eat me, therefore making it not my last meal on earth.

9. One style that you never want to see again.

10. The last picture you took with your mobile device. 

This is one of my digital wall murals from the Wall Couture collection, which I recently designed for Graham & Brown.