Ceiling fan falls off, nearly hurting baby


Consider this a timely reminder: This is one of those ‘Final Destination’ scenes you never thought could happen in real life, but it nearly did for this mother and her baby.

Online user Karen Xiao, a mother of one, recounted her harrowing moment, when the blades on her ceiling fan fell from above her bed.

When the mishap happened, she had placed her baby in a cradle just at the foot of the bed.



The mother said that the fan had been in operation for ‘a few hours’ before it started shaking uncontrollably. She noticed the unusual shaking and moved to switch the fan off, however the blades suddenly snapped and fell shortly before it came to a complete stop.

Fortunately, both mother and child are fine, thanks to the mother’s quick reaction and the lucky fact that the baby was not on the bed at the time of the incident.

For other homeowners though, they should take extra care when installing ceiling fans and heavy pendant lamps.

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Here is a mental checklist of things to note when you have fans and yound children in the home:

  1. Specialists warn that such appliances should always be installed by a certified electrician or specialist. Do not try to install a ceiling fan on your own.
  2. Always keep your fan blades clean and dusted as dirt could affect the operation of the fan.
  3. If you have table or standing fans, ensure that their blades are covered with a grill and/or mesh to prevent young children from putting their fingers in between the moving blades.
  4. Make sure all electrical cords are kept away to prevent trips and falls.
  5. Do not hang streamers on the fan blades as this could cause the fan the jam up if the external materials get trapped.
  6. Bedrooms with bunk beds should have the ceiling fan installed far from the bed (at least 3-4 feet away).
  7. Avoid placing a bed directly below a ceiling fan.
  8. Avoid buying a second-hand ceiling fan because it may not be working properly and does not come with a warranty. It does not pey to be penny-wise and pound-foolish.