Steam irons vs steam generators — which is better?


(Photo: Tefal's Pro Express Care)

Have you ever wondered how the various ironing appliances on the market differ? Does an iron or a steam generator work more efficiently? They look similar, so how do their functions differ? We asked experts from home appliance brand Tefal, and learn more about these two types of appliances — irons and steam generators.

We also tried our hands at the steam generator — here's the verdict:


  Steam Iron Steam Generator Verdict
Wattage i.e. how much energy is required to run the appliance Up to 2,800W 2,400W Steam generator is more energy efficient
Steam boost Up to 210g Up to 500g Steam generator has better ironing results
Bar pressure No bar pressure Up to 8 bars Steam generator achieves desired result more quickly
Anti-calc* Descale stick Anti-scale system Steam generator is easier to maintain
Iron soleplate Autoclean Autoclean No difference
Which is safer? Requires setting of right function for selected fabrics Does not burn ironable fabric on low or medium settings Steam generator is generally more fuss-free and safer
Size Compact and takes up less space Big and bulky Steam iron is sleeker and more space-saving

*The anti-calc technology ensures garment protection. Problems of dirty droplets coming into contact with clothing will no longer be a concern as they are transformed into steamed efficiently, especially with the steam generator.

Steam irons generally produce lower steam output, resulting in an accumulation of calc particles and less powerful ironing results, when compared to steam generators. 

Although the steam generator was more difficult to handle considering its bulkier body, time spent ironing was less as it achieves ideal ironing results more efficiently than steam irons. This way, you can complete your tasks more quickly and spend more time with family and friends!