Brazen, sexy and opulent furniture collection by Haas Brothers for Versace

Donatella Versace with Simon (standing) and Nikolai Haas. 

Versace is defined by fearlessness, says famous fashion icon Donatella Versace, creative director of
the luxury brand and Versace Group’s vice-president.

Indeed, when you survey 
the 12-piece home collection designed by the Haas brothers for the Italian fashion house, not only do you think it fearless, but glamorous and provocative too.

Rendered in sensual, sinuous silhouettes, the chairs, benches and tables are framed in gold brass with patterned honeycomb and upholstered in shiny black leather.

However it is the details that really up the ante, in terms of theatricality. Studs, buckles and even bondage straps accessorise the pieces, with the iconic Medusa heads embossed at intervals.

The Bondage bench. 

The collection may be the brainchild of the Haas design duo, but they also owe their creative inspiration
to the 40-year-old fashion house, and to its late founder, Gianni Versace.

“We looked at the traditions of the house, and the incredible luxury of the previous fashion collections to make something completely unexpected,” says Simon.

The US-based Nikolai and Simon Haas, who are fraternal twins, referenced Gianni’s 1992 Bondage collection; the idea to incorporate leather and studs was resurrected in the strapped-up Bondage bench.

The key piece in the collection, however, and the one that Donatella wants in her own home, has to be her namesake chair. Representing the “true rock ’n’ roll glamour of Versace”, the Donatella chair blends femininity and simplicity with an unmistakable rock-star chic.

The Donatella chair.

The young brothers, 
who head their eponymous design and fabrication studio, had settled into furniture design for only three years before being commissioned to do the collection.

Yet it is their experimental and artisanal approach that has attracted numerous projects, including a number for uber high-profile clients. They created black polyethylene masks for a Lady Gaga video, a gold-leafed display counter for Louis Vuitton Maison Shanghai, and various custom pieces. Donatella, too, was won
 over by their edgy aesthetic. She says: “Their ideas were incredible, and they had so much energy.”

While more high fashion brands have been extending their portfolios into furniture
 of late, Donatella credits her brother for being one of the first fashion designers to do so in
 the 1990s. “He was fearless in introducing pieces for the home, and it is this fearlessness that we continue today with Versace Home,” says the designer.

Prior to his passing in 1997, Gianni brought a flair for drama to his works, which Donatella hopes to continue doing.

“What we are doing now is taking this legacy, and making it relevant for a new generation – working with young designers who have energy and attitude, so that the legacy of Versace can continue forever,” she says.

Iconic Versace motifs: 

1. Medusa logo

The Greek mythological figure was chosen as the logo, as Gianni hoped that people would fall under the spell of Versace, just as Medusa held the gaze of those who looked at her.

2. Greek key 

The decorative
 border made from a continuous meandering motif works almost as well as the Medusa logo in identifying the brand.

3. Baroque details

Heavy use of gold, highly ornate design and the use of opulent materials – all are signature Versace elements.

4. Rock 'n' roll influences

You can’t fault a rock star like Madonna
for loving her Atelier Versace dresses, especially when their black leather, chain and mesh details scream as loudly as her edgy personality and music.