House Tour: A luxurious three-bedroom apartment in London with Chanel-inspired elements

A holiday home for a high-flying Singaporean businesswoman, this understatedly luxurious three-bedroom apartment in Chelsea, London, was refurbished to inject life into a previously uninspiring, dull space. Working with interior designers Andrea Milward and Alison Teverini, the lady of the home gave a clear brief: As a fan of fashion designer brand Chanel, she wanted her home to channel a Chanel-inspired look, as well as incorporate hints of 1950s luxe, in a glamourchic style to imbue the home with warmth and character.

The interior designer and homeowner commissioned an artist from Ibiza to design the painting in the living room, which was inspired by the baby pink shade used in the classic Chanel tweed jacket that the homeowner loves.