Review: The upright Gtech Air Ram K9 and handheld Gtech Multi K9 Cordless vacuum cleaners

Within just two years of its launch, the Air Ram by Gtech became the UK’s best-selling vacuum cleaner in 2014. Now available in Singapore, this 3.5kg cordless cleaner runs on a 22V Lithium-ion battery and is designed with a proprietary Air Loc system which promises to pick up both fine particles and larger debris.

We test the Air Ram K9 the strengthened, pet-friendly version featuring resilient aluminum alloy components and scented tabs which eliminate odour as well as another Gtech product, the 1.6kg Multi Handheld K9 cleaner. 


The Air Ram K9 package was easy to assemble, with a straightforward manual. I am most impressed by its nimbleness and powerful suction; it’s easy to work around furniture legs and it lifts dusts and debris (from hair to bits of my cat litter) well — on tile, rugs and rubber mats and during both forward and backward strokes. I find that my traditional, bagged cleaner would not have been as immaculate.

The LED light is also a lifesaver I did not know I needed. It highlighted to me fine dusts and cat hair from my grey tabby, which I would have missed under normal lighting. Ironically, the LED light also shines upon my biggest gripe about the Air Ram: the unreachable corner dusts.

The rotating brush, filter, dirt bin and battery are fitted in one area; this all-in-one body helps cuts down the unnecessary energy of transporting dust into a canister that is located elsewhere, but it is also too bulky to pick up dirt that is trapped in the corners of walls and furniture. I had to use a broom to dislodge trapped dust and the Air Ram to vacuum it up. If only the Air Ram came with slimmer attachments like hoses or brushes!

I do enjoy the foot-operated on-off button, and that the machine can stand upright; you no longer need to worry about finding a surface to rest it against. The vacuum also comes with two chargeable batteries. You can charge one and continue cleaning with a spare.

The scented tabs are a welcome change. I wouldn’t say it neutralises odour but it does provide a refreshing, powdery scent to your home that makes cleaning enjoyable. There is also a local hotline number printed on the machine that will surely save you the trouble of Googling! 

Now, on to the Multi Handheld K9. The packaging is light and easy to carry home; it includes the vacuum cleaner, dusting brush, crevice tool, as well as the power brush. If the already fitted battery has some power left, you can even use it right off the bat. 

As with the Air Ram K9, the suction is powerful but it can get a little loud. When I tested it on my ceiling fan  my ceiling is a regular HDB height and I am 1.6m tall I found that the crevice stick is not long enough to reach the fan blades, so I got a chair to stand on and switched to the dusting brush, instead. This offered me better suction. The brush's gaps made it easier to clean the dust off the top and bottom of the fan blade, too.

I then tried out the power brush on my sofa bed. Though we clean the bed regularly, the Multi Handheld K9 was still able to lift trapped dust. A quick look at the grime in the bin will prove to you how powerful the suction is on this machine!

For both machines, the bins were easy to remove and put on. The attachments such as scented tabs, batteries and chargers were also convenient to use. 



Overall, I’d say that Air Ram K9’s powerful suction makes it the ideal vacuum for homes with rugs or fabric upholstery, and its easy-to-maneuver body and LED light will take the load off users with reduced dexterity and eyesight. However, not being able to clean out dusts in tricky corners, and with no attachments as alternatives, is a drawback. 

The Multi Handheld K9 is not designed to be the main vacuum cleaner for your home, but is a very handy tool for quick clean-ups, cars and mattresses. There's not much to set-up, and is light enough for you to carry around the house. The Multi promises a 20-minute run for every four-hour charge. It seems short, but for how hardworking it works to remove dirt from surfaces, I think it's worth it.  

I find that, based on the suction power and convenience as well as the clever scented tab idea, the Multi Handheld K9 is the better buy. Even more so, when you pair it up with additional accessories you can buy on the website.

The Air Ram and Air Ram K9 retail for $602 and $656, respectively. The Multi and Multi K9 retail for $403 and $448.  With monthly offers available, you can get these machines at an even more affordable price. They are available at www.gtechworld.sg.