House Tour: A monochromatic semi-detached house with lots of glass and steel

This semi-detached house at the corner of Jalan Wajek looks every bit the industrial home, with its black steel and glass exterior, complete with a corrugated metal roof more commonly used in the construction of flatted factories here. So it comes as a surprise when the team at Three-D Conceptwerke reveals that the design was not driven by any particular style. “Together with the homeowners, we wanted a home that was open and airy, comprising a simple and lightweight structure,” says the team.

As a typical reinforced concrete structure would be visually too heavy, they decided to use I-sections for the columns and beams. Instead of covering up these structural members, they chose to express them, resulting in an aesthetic language that is a manifestation of the design ethos rather than style. The choice of building elements also addressed the homeowners’ preference for a dry construction approach. Alex Lin and Pauline Soo were adamant about minimising disturbance to their neighbours, so the home was conceived with pre-fabrication in mind and without any piling involved.