8 Questions with... furniture designer Timothy Oulton

Lets get to know Timothy Oulton, furniture and interior designer of his eponymous brand specialising in handcrafted leather furniture, a little bit better!

What gets you out of bed in the morning? I’m very lucky that my passion – or obsession – has turned into my career. I love what I do, so starting the day is never a chore. 

Your favourite pet. I had a lovely chocolate brown lab called Tallulah which became the company dog. We’d host visitors at the Dome Home next to the workshops, and Tallulah would always be there.

Sky, ocean, mountains or animals? I love the ocean; part of me would be quite happy to live on a house boat on the water. I also recently spent some time in a village up in the mountains of rural China — it was incredibly peaceful and the feeling of reconnection inspired my new Noble Souls collection.

Your fondest memory as a child. I went to a school called Ampleforth, which is in a Benedictine monastery. My house master, a Benedictine monk, was a great guy. I’ve lots of very happy memories, including this community ethos: it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you contribute.

A cause you support. One that’s very close to me is the village primary school near our workshops in China. We sponsor the school basketball team, host some afternoon activities for the kids, and events where teachers can practice their English with some of our team. I like it because the business is contributing directly to the local community.  

Describe your personal design style. I’m a very casual person so my home is the same. But I looove antiques too – especially from the great historical periods of British handcraftsmanship. I like to incorporate pieces from different eras. I have a few antique pieces in my home, but I mix them up with something more modern; I like that collision of old and new.  

What would your last meal on earth be? It would have to either be a good old traditional English roast or a beautifully cooked steak, with a bottle of red.

What's the last picture you took with your mobile device?  I don’t take that many photos on my phone actually, but here’s one of the spaceship we built for our Milan Design Week booth. Everyone wanted to sit in it – at first people were taking their shoes off and being really careful, but after a while everyone just piled in, kicked their feet up and relaxed. It was brilliant.