Which colours are best for each room in your home?

Colours play a huge role in transforming the overall atmosphere and mood of a space. Whether it's a calming shade of pastel green or an electrifying neon yellow, specific colours can be used to uplift particular functions of a room.

Though we often gravitate towards hues we find most aesthetically pleasing, considering the functional context of a space will ensure the look and feel of the overall room is right. Here’s a quick guide from AkzoNobel – the manufacturer of Dulux paints – on choosing the best paint colour for each room of your home:

The Temperature of Colour

Before delving into particular shades, it’s useful to have a think about the overall atmosphere you’re looking to create. Colours can be categorised into two groups: warm- and cool-tones.

As a general rule, warmer colours - like orange or brown – elicit feelings of comfort, transforming the space into a cosy and inviting room. Meanwhile, cooler colours - like green and blue - are ideal for soothing the senses and creating a calming atmosphere.