Renovation tips: 6 ways to turn your home from drab to fab

Renovating your home? Anais Tourneux, the senior interior designer of Designphase Dba, to tell us how to begin designing your home, as well as how to elevate the look of your interior without too much effort,

Think your layout through

Before you even begin thinking about themes, focus on the layout, says Anais. A good layout is more than sorting your floor plan so you have space to walk around; it is about being able to flow into your space without having to twist and turn every couple of steps.

You should also consider your light sources. “Figure out how much light you want in your space and work around that. If you like sun pouring in, invest in a day curtain and make use of large mirrors. If not, get thicker curtains and add lamps for dimmed lighting,” she says.