Grand Boulevards Hotel: Dreamy interiors in this new Parisian boutique hotel

All rooms feature vintage olive wood stools and canopy beds. Photos by Karel Balas

Paris may be the city of romance but, like any major metropolis, it is not spared the urban frenzy that is bound to wear down even Cupid, which is why the discreet Grands Boulevards Hotel is such a gem. Occupying a pre-Revolution building in the French capital’s 2nd arrondissement, the quaint establishment is set beyond a courtyard that is accessed only through a hidden entry off Boulevard Poissonniere.

A balance of polished and pastoral vibes characterises the hotel's overall aesthetic. 

Tiles in the bathrooms are from Ceramiques du Beaujolais. 

Designed by French interior designer Dorothee Meilichzon for the Experimental Group, the interiors of the 50-room boutique hotel are a pastiche of 18th century Neoclassical elements and touches of country ruggedness. Nods to the Louis XVI style are subtly expressed in the coral marble bathroom walls, canopy beds and Meilichzon’s interpretation of the Parquet Versailles pattern for the carpets, that was invented for the Palace of Versailles. A light-handed opulence is deliberate since a dominant rustic atmosphere is the idea, partly inspired 
by Marie Antoinette’s farm and also to honour the former gardens of the hotel’s site. Strongly intimating that peasant aesthetic is the olive wood stools, which replace bedside tables, and vintage linen for the bed canopies.

Warm incandescent lights and mid-century Eugenio Gerli chairs make the Shell bar ideal for lounging in. 

Dorothee Meilichzon designed the kiosk where the main bar is. 

Conceived in collaboration with chef Giovanni Passerini, the Grand Restaurant in the hotel features a kiosk in the centre, which was designed and handmade by Meilichzon. Lining the floors are terra cotta tiles that were made in an old Etrusco oven in the south
 of Italy, which give the place a warmth and certain patina. Guests can expect a hearty French-Italian country menu.

Bronze sconces, marble accents and mid-century furniture may be de rigueur among hotels everywhere now, but the Grand Boulevards does its with a twist. At least romance is saved in this corner of Paris.

Grands Boulevards Hotel is located at 17 Boulevard Poissonniere Paris 75002. Visit www.grandsboulevardshotel.com.