H&D Hotlist #041: New design products, furniture and home accessories

Shopping: Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattresses

You’ve heard of organic fruit and skincare, but what about organic latex mattresses? The Heveya Natural Organic Latex mattresses are made of latex that has been grown without the use of pesticides. Ideal for those with allergies, these chemical-free, anti-mould and anti-dust mite mattresses come with a removable bamboo cover, too, whose organic cotton padding provides an extra layer of hygiene. And, if you are concerned about its durability, fret not – it promises to last for 15 to 20 years, which is double the lifespan of a spring mattress.

Test out the mattresses at European Bedding, the sole distributor of Heveya products in Singapore, at 32 Eng Hoon Street, www.europeanbedding.sg.