House Tour: Lots of extra storage and quirky furniture in this 950sqf Edgedale Plains flat

Homeowners Darius Tng
 and Veronica Chong decided
 to move from their executive flat in the east because they were very impressed with
 the Edgedale Plains showflat. They also loved the fact that it was within walking distance
 of the nearest LRT station. “There were only small units left when we came to view the development, but because we liked it very much, we decided to buy it anyway,” says Veronica.

It was no mean feat for a family of four to relocate from an approximately 1,400sqf
flat to a 950sqf apartment. They took the opportunity to declutter. “I figured that if I had not used something for the past six years, I could probably do without it,” Veronica rationalises.

With just a rattan chair and a coffee table over a turf carpet, the balcony offers a cost-effective solution to creating a simple and cosy relaxation corner. 

Wallpaper that resembles tiles makes for an interesting feature wall at the entrance and in the dining area. 

Nevertheless, storage remained an issue, so the couple turned to Darius’ childhood friend and interior designer, Mike Tan from Egg3. Having grown up together with Darius, as well as having designed quite a few of the couple’s previous homes, Mike knew their tastes well. Darius and Veronica left everything in his hands, from the design to the site coordination and supervision. He even took them shopping for furniture 
and lights.

“As the apartment is rather small, I had to devise ways 
to incorporate more storage spaces,” Mike explains. He came up with some creative ways of creating extra storage in various areas within the apartment.
 One example is the kitchen. In addition to the household shelter and kitchen toilet that are also used for storage, a floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinet was erected next to the household shelter to house cooking ingredients.

The original layout and most of the existing finishes were retained, so the bulk of the renovation costs went into built-in carpentry and furniture. “It was challenging because we needed to find furniture that not only tied in with the design concept, it also had to be able to fit comfortably into the limited size of the various rooms,” Mike elaborates.

At the end of the day, simplicity rules, and this home demonstrates how, with some strategic design intervention and appropriate styling, a small apartment can become a cosy home for the family.