Can you believe someone actually stole a bench from a bus stop to decorate his home?

(Photo: Lianhe Zaobao)

A man who wanted to re-make his new flat so it resembled a bus stop removed a grey metal bench from an actual stop in Braddell Road in June last year.

Tan Ke Wei, 22, took the bench - valued at $1,500 - home in a garbage bag.

He was sentenced to a seven-day short detention order on Tuesday (Oct 9) after pleading guilty in August.

The incident occurred near midnight on June 14 last year when Tan was waiting for a bus.

He starting meddling with bolts that secured the metal bench and managed to unscrew all eight with his hands.

Tan then dismantled the bench, wrapped it with a garbage bag and took a taxi home. The bench was hidden in a riser unit near his flat.

An anonymous informant told the police the next day that they had seen someone unscrewing the bench.

When police raided Tan's flat he showed them the bag containing the bench.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Ashraf Hassan said Tan had removed the bench because it looked nice and wanted to check its dimensions.

Mr Hassan told the court that Tan had ordered a bench from a supplier as he intended to renovate his new flat with a bus stop design concept.

Committing mischief and thereby causing loss or damage amounting to $500 or above could have resulted in jail for up to two years and/or fines.

Written by Lim Min Zhang for The Straits Times.