10 questions with Sweden-based illustrator Kari Moden, designer of Absolut Vodka's new limited edition bottle

The Sweden-based illustrator, well-loved for her colourful drawings, talks about her major inspiration in life and what gets her going.

  1. What gets you out of bed in the mornings?

I’m not much for breakfast, but the coffee I make after breakfast is the highlight of the day.

  1. What gets you to sleep?

Watching a series like Big Little Lies or the scary but brilliant Gomorra.

  1. One music track that you listen to, at work.

I listen to a lot to hip-hop, Latin and African like A’won Boyz’s Azonto. Dance beats keep me going...

  1. Your favourite pets.

Lubbe, one of our two chow chows we had when I was kid, had a nice personality. You can’t train these stubborn dogs, but that’s the charm with chows.

  1. A natural element that inspires you.

Peaceful mountains inspire me the most. I’d like to think that love and togetherness come with peace automatically.

  1. Fondest childhood memory.

I was in heaven when I was six years old and got my first orange Crescent bike!

  1. A style that you hate and never want to see again…

Not too crazy about the ’80s style; I’ve been there, done that.

  1. Your last meal on earth would be…

Swedish fresh scrimps with Hellmann’s mayonnaise, lemon and a glass of cold white wine.

  1. Name one movie that you have watched more than once, and why?

The Hangover (1). I don’t know why I think it’s so funny, when it’s actually about some pretty miserable guys...

  1. What’s the last picture you took with your mobile device?

My bottle of Absolut World,
 which I recently designed
 for the vodka brand.