Art at home: Displaying and arranging your artworks

Something_c-02 and Something_c-09 by Youngseok Cha

By now you’ve not only bought your first art piece, but have amassed a personal collection that is primed for display around your home. This step too, can be a daunting one, so we have turned to Kim Tay, gallery director of The Artling, to share some helpful pointers on art display and arrangement to turn your home into a private gallery.

1. How does one choose the right art for each space in the house?
Start by looking at the space you want to place the artwork in, and ask yourself: What is the style of the furniture, the overall decor and ambience? What do I want an artwork to add to this space? The answers will give you a good sense of the style of artwork to choose for the space. The colour scheme of the room can also guide you on the colours and types of frames to use for the artwork.

Waterfall by Hodeuk Kim

2. Is there a right size for an artwork vis-à-vis the space its placement space?
Not at all, it just depends on your personal preference, and what else is in the space! Ideally artworks should not be so large that they become a hindrance to day-to-day life, where you end up banging into them on a regular basis, nor should they be too small that they get lost within the space.

3. How many pieces is too many for a space?
This depends on the size of the artworks as well as the size of the space. There is no right number for a space, it all depends on how you want to show your artworks. If you have a number of artworks and a small space, an option is to opt for a salon hang in the room, allowing you to ‘tile’ the artworks together. It makes for a great statement wall as well.

Whisper by Xian Tao

4. How to mix and match artworks to make them look good together?
Think about the dominant colours across the artworks at hand - they should complement each other (only in very rare cases would a purple-dominant work look right next to an bright orange one). Look at the themes or styles of the artwork, see if there is anything similar that could tie them together.

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