3 kitchen design tips by Mark Chen of Artistroom

At the recent Eurocucina, the world's most famous kitchen fair, many kitchen producers paired their high-end kitchen systems with dark colours (see the designs here). However, there's more to a kitchen than its colours and finishes. Mark Chen, Director of interior design firm Artistroom, shares three things to consider when designing a kitchen.

A kitchen by Artistroom. More on the home here.

What are the new trends in kitchen design to note?

Many homeowners like the idea of having an island or a very open-concept kitchen to enlarge the space. Homeowners like to declutter their kitchens too. They prefer to segregate the countertop spaces and have full- height cabinets to keep their ovens, and have full-height storage for dry goods and other items to one side.

How are these trends changing the way we use the kitchen?

Cooking methods have changed a lot. Homeowners prefer lighter and faster cooking methods by using the oven or other equipment. Homeowners now tend to buy various equipment. So, we will need to provide the right amount of countertop space or additional storage so that they can store these items.

A kitchen by Artistroom. More on the home here.

How do these trends improve the way we live and entertain?

Having an open-concept kitchen or island helps in opening the interior environment and encouraging interaction. For example, an island would add extra countertop and entertainment space for guests. The right materials and textures can still help to differentiate between the living and kitchen areas, even if the spaces have merged.


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