Enjoy boiling, chilled and even sparkling filtered water straight from your tap. Find out how here.

While tap water in Singapore is safe to drink and meets the international guidelines set by World Health Organization, many homeowners prefer to boil it before consumption as this also helps to remove the taste of chlorine. What you’ll need is an efficient filtration system in your home or office that not only removes chemicals and toxins, but also provides freshly filtered water whenever you want, while saving you time too.

With Billi’s water filtration system, homemakers can avoid the trouble of having to boil water, or storing it in the fridge to chill it. The system can be unobtrusively installed under a kitchen counter, ensuring that your kitchen looks neat and tidy. There will no longer be a need for a kettle or flask to store water too.

Offering instant boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water, the highly energy-efficient system comes with built-in energy saving modes. Certified by Global GreenTag, you can be assured that Billi system is eco-friendly and leave little impact on the environment.

It is also easy and safe to use, as the system comes with a safety switch function, in order to prevent scalding caused by accidental dispensing. When the safety switch is enabled, users need to unlock the switch before boiling water can be dispensed.

If you’re thinking clunky water filtration system that takes up lots of space, think again. Billi is designed in collaboration with architects and designers, to produce a range of sophisticated and sleek tap fittings to complement stylish interior designs. Without need for housing, the system is truly space-saving.

Of course, water quality is assured too, as Billi is equipped with Fibredyne technology – a three-layer structure that reduces chemical contents and chlorine in water, with the use of activated carbon.

Choose from a variety of models with different configurations – like one with boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water (Eco/Quadra Sparkling range), or another with boiling and ambient filtered water (Sahara range) – and capacities to suit both residential and commercial use. There is also a choice of dispenser type, the XL Levered or the XT Touch dispenser. Find the one which best meets your needs and preferences, at home or in the office!

Billi is distributed at Eldric Marketing showroom, #02-01, Asiawide Industrial Building, 5 Pereira Road, www.eldric.sg.

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