5 easy steps to minimise food wastage at home

In 2017, a study done by the National Environment Agency in 2017 discovered that Singaporean households waste 2.5kg of food every week. This is a 40 per cent increase from the last decade! This upward trend calls for more landfills to be built, but given Singapore’s land scarcity, this simply isn’t sustainable. Heed these tips from celebrity cook and TV host Sarah Benjamin on cutting down food wastage. She even shares some quick and easy recipes for turning your leftovers into your next meal!

Only buy what you need

A lot of food waste occurs because we buy too many groceries, and don’t use them up before they go bad. To tackle this, check your fridge and write a shopping list before heading to the supermarket. Also, never go shopping for food when you’re hungry! It’s highly likely you’ll be tempted to buy all sorts of things you wouldn’t normally add to the cart.

Buy ingredients with a longer shelf life

If you have a smaller household, choose ingredients that keep for a longer period of time. Sturdy vegetables like carrots, eggplant, sweet potatoes and pumpkin stay fresh for weeks or months, compared to salad leaves and other leafy greens.


Think about freezing meat, fish and cooked items, so you’re not rushing to eat them up. If you’ve prepared a stew or a curry, freeze individual portions, so you always have nutritious, comforting food ready to go.

Remember: Unused doesn’t mean useless

A lot of vegetable ‘off-cuts’ and peels can be used in making stock, so don’t throw them all away. The peels from your carrots can be stored in the freezer, along with herb stems, celery leaves, and spring onion tops. You can also keep the unused parts of a chicken, such as the feet or neck, and store them in the freezer. When you have enough, chuck these in a pot with water and simmer until you have a flavourful stock.

Play with your leftovers

Don’t be afraid of leftovers. When you have remaining cooked food, don’t be afraid to repurpose it into a new dish. A little leftover chicken curry goes a long way when it’s combined with zucchini and cheese in a foldover. Put different ingredients together and let your taste guide you, and you’ll have something almost totally new to enjoy.

To get you started, try Sarah’s super yummy foldover recipes, which use Mission Foods’ Supersoft wraps and commonly leftover proteins like fish and chicken.  

This story was first published on Shape.