Cleaning the kitchen with lemons: 5 easy ways to do it

We have all heard about the benefits of the humble lemon. They are not only good for your health, but very effective cleaning agents, too. These citrus yellow gems can double up as natural deodorisers and sanitisers and be used to banish unpleasant food odours that make your kitchen smell bad. Here are five easy and convenient ways you can use lemons to eliminate bad smells from your kitchen. 

Kitchen cleaning tips with lemon

In the fridge

Leftovers, spillage and even rotting produce cause bad fridge odours. After cleaning out your refrigerator, place a sponge soaked in lemon juice in the fridge for a few hours. 

In the trash

Rubbish bins are the most obvious source of bad smells. Line a few pieces of lemon peel at the bottom of garbage bags to freshen up your bins. 

In a grimy microwave

Food build-up can cause unpleasant smells in microwaves and ovens. Squeeze some lemon juice into a microwave-safe bowl with some water. Microwave until boiling, then leave the bowl inside for one hour to let the steam do its job. After that, simply wipe the insides clean with a towel and some water.

how to use lemon for cleaning the kitchen

On rancid chopping boards

The absorbent wood can cause pungent food smells. Rub a wooden chopping board down with half a lemon to get rid of onion, fish and garlic odours.

Around insect-prone areas

Creepy crawlies are naturally attracted to bits of leftover food all around the kitchen. If insects are a problem, squirt some juice on areas where they can get in, like windowsills. To deter ants and cockroaches, try mopping your floors with a mixture of juice from four lemons plus their rinds and two litres of water.

This story was first published on Singapore's Women's Weekly.