Spa-like ambience at home: Spa owner Tomoka Y. Nguyen shares expert tips on achieving the look and feel

spa at home

Landing her first successful day spa job in Bali in 1997, at a time when spas belonged mostly in the realm of resorts, Tomoka Y. Nguyen went on to manage some of the most luxurious spas in Asia for many years. She lived and worked in Indonesia for almost 10 years, and was most recently the director of spa at Espa, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore, and The Peninsula Bangkok.

She recently released a book, Beauty Confidential, which took five years of research, aimed at empowering women (and men) to care for their skin and well-being. 

We find out from her, what are some tips on creating a spa-like environment in your own home.

What are some things to note when preparing a home spa session?

Ideally, a good air circulation system. Good spas ensure air is properly circulated on a regular basis, so that there is always fresh energy between treatments. There should also be natural light, but with the option to tone it down. Be mindful about products: Don't be deceived by "natural" and "organic" products: go for real ingredients such as mashed fruits, rice water, cold pressed vegetable oils, essential oils.

What are your best tips on creating a spa-like environment at home?

Decluttering is the first step. It has a profound effect on your general well-being too. Therapists from the best spas in the world are always first taught to be organised at their workstations, and to follow strict hygiene standards. Organise your cupboard and the areas you're planning to use for your home spa.