The one cleaning appliance you need, according to cleaning expert Karcher

Vincent Sim spends his weekends cleaning his home, but he doesn’t mind it one bit. Working at Karcher (he is the general manager of Karcher Singapore) has been such an eye-opening experience – he even dubs cleaning the toilet his “favourite chore, given that it’s probably the most challenging”.

Another unconventional view he shared – especially in an industry that seeks to combine many functions in one appliance – is that a homeowner needs at least two or three appliances to clean a house thoroughly.

karcher singapore cleaning appliances Vincent Sim

While multi-purpose cleaners are a boon for time- strapped working professionals, Karcher has produced cleaning requirements. For instance, one to take care of mopping and vacuuming, and another to remove stains. Products suitable for sensitive skin as well as equipment for mattresses and windows, should be considered. He tells us more about what Karcher has to offer.

karcher singapore cleaning appliances wd 3The WD 3.

If a household can only afford one cleaning appliance, which Karcher product would you recommend?

The compact and multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, WD 3. It is designed to pick up both wet and dry dirt, and therefore is ideal for thorough cleaning of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Despite the strong suction power, it has an energy- saving power consumption of only 1,400 watts. It also has specially developed nozzles suitable for cleaning air-conditioners, ensuring you enjoy clean air while prolonging the life of the appliance.

What is Karcher's take on the sustainable and natural movement?

Apart from reducing the ecological footprint in our business activities, we also care about the health of our users. Toxic, chemical-based products put a family’s health at stake, which is why we prefer one of the simplest alternatives – the use of pressurised steam.

karcher singapore cleaning appliances sc2 deluxe steam cleaner The SC2 Deluxe

Firstly, it eliminates the use of chemicals as a jet of high-temperature steam can easily dislodge and remove grease, dirt particles, stains, mould and mildew from the smallest crevices. No chemicals means no allergen residues. Secondly, you save water! Steam cleaning uses 80 per cent less water compared to conventional cleaning methods.

Personally, I use the Karcher’s steam cleaner, the SC2 Deluxe, to keep my toilet clean and looking new.

What about natural cleaning remedies?

I recommend using lemon, one of the strongest food acids to remove oil, dirt, and soap scum from tiles, as well as disinfect the cutting board meat. It also protects surfaces against the growth of mould. Another natural alternative is the abrasive baking soda, which dirt found on sanitaryware and kitchen worktops.

More about Karcher at www.kaercher.com/sg. You will find Karcher appliances at all major authorised retail stores.