Create a relaxing herbal foot bath with this homemade recipe

herbal foot bath recipe

If you've previously perfected the art of bringing the spa-like ambience into your home, and want to further pamper yourself with relaxing therapies such as a herbal foot bath, this will get you interested.

Try creating your own relaxing herbal foot soak with this homemade concoction:


  • 100g dried herbs (mix of dried tea leaves such as green tea, white tea, rosella, camomile)
  • 300g fresh herbs (lemon grass, ginger, thyme)
  • Warm water to a temperature of 39 to 42 deg C 


1. Make sure the container is clean.

2. Put in the herbs and have them submerged entirely in warm water.

3. Stir gently and soak your feet, for no longer than 15 minutes.

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