20 hottest interior design trends for 2019

New Year, new decisions! It is time to give your home a fresh look to start 2019 off right. To help with your choices, here is the definitive list of 20 trends, predicted by Home & Decor's style gurus and a panel of internationally acclaimed interior designers, which will dominate the furnishing and design scenes in the months ahead.

1. Curvy Design - A Ladylike allure

A sense of serenity is achieved through the combination of simplicity, function and beauty – particularly true when it comes to pieces of furniture and accessories with curves. Whether one’s home style is classic or contemporary, incorporating curvilinear shapes creates a soft, feminine atmosphere. Based in Copenhagen, the Gubi brand exemplifies that. “A design has to be beautiful and sculptural,” explains Jacob Gubi. Curvy design evokes a feeling of relaxation, cosiness and fluidity at the same time, and it works for everything, from a chair to a mirror or a vase.

(Photo: Top left: Wendelbo Lobby Lounge chair. Bottom left: Bump vase (tall), by Tom Dixon. Bottom right: Tacchini Roma sofa. Top right: (from left) Bat chair, Beetle table, 5321 lamp, Turbo pendant, Adnet Alcantara mirror, Revers sofa, Multi-lite lamp, TS console and Pacha chair, by Gubi.)