5 luxurious iconic bathroom fittings you'd want in your home

Living rooms are no longer the only space you will feel most at home. With toilet and bath facilities as ultraluxe and highly innovative as Kohler’s, the bathroom is the first place you'd want retreat to, especially after a long day at work - and if you can well afford the luxury.

In celebration of its first anniversary, Kohler Experience Centre Singapore – which opened its first immersion centre at a lovely three-storey conservation shophouse in Peck Seah Street last September – launched fully functioning displays of the latest designs and product innovations in both the bathroom and kitchen arenas.

We check out the top 5 iconic Kohler products that will wow you.

1) Mica

Delicate-looking and super slim, Mica’s roundor square-rim basins belie their extremely strong and durable material. Its Cleancoat stain-resistant coating also keeps these basins glossy and easy to clean.