10 questions with Ikea designer Jonas Hultqvist


Name one music track that you listen to while at work.

There are SO many! At the moment, I’m into old jazz, so maybe Chet Baker’s Alone Together. If I crank that one up, it gets me into a nice work mood and mode, even if it’s a bit melancholic.

Name your favourite pet.

The cat we had in the family when I was young; it had a mind of its own and was kind of wild. It must have got tired of us because, one day, it took off and we never saw it again. I hope it had a few good remaining years out in the wild.

Which natural element inspires you most?

The ocean. I grew up around the shores in the south west of Sweden and have always loved the open landscape, the light and neverending horizons – something I really miss now living in Shanghai.

Describe your fondest memory as a child.

Whenever spring school semesters ended and we had a never-ending sunny and hot summer ahead of us. Our agenda usually started with building skate ramps, playing with the band and going night swimming.

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A worthy cause you’d fight for would be…

I’m passionate about using design to better the world, which is why I was very keen to be a facilitator for the Ikea Young Designer Awards. It gave me a chance to guide the youth towards changing their mindset about design and using it to creatively solve social problems.

Describe your personal design style.

Hmm, that’s a tough one. I usually try to have some element of playfulness in the things that I make.

What would you like to have as your last meal on earth?

A classic Swedish (open) north sea shrimp sandwich.

Which room in the house do you spend the most time in?

The living room – it’s the most open and bright space in my apartment. It’s where I keep my stereo and TV set.

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Name one movie that you have watched more than once.

Lost in Translation. I love the acting, the story, the atmosphere, the dark humour and the small details about everyday life frustrations – it’s all brilliant. I’ve seen it about five or six times and hope to see it a couple of times more.

Attach the very last picture you took with your mobile device. 


It’s a picture of Sweden winning and advancing in the World Cup!