Decorate your home with these lucky colours according to your horoscope


Fiery Red

Aries has always had a natural affiliation with the colour red. Known as Aries’ lucky colour and the main colour of Aries’ planet, Mars, it embodies and intensifies all of fire sign Aries’ passion, energy and fiery nature. Red is also a colour known for thrilling romance and a competitive spirit.

Red may seem like an intimidating colour to try and use when it comes to home décor, but it is actually very easy to incorporate into your home. After all, red isn’t just for Chinese New Year. However, because this is such a strong colour, it is important to follow the cardinal rule that ‘less is more’. Too much red can become an eye sore, be too stimulating or come across as intense and aggressive.

Instead, look for more subtle ways to include the shade. The bedroom is a good place to add romantic reds into; either with a rich wine-red oriental rug, burgundy red bedsheet or traditional soft red pillows. Outside of the bedroom, red can be used when picking out the colour of furniture, either using red fabric or reddish wood, keeping in mind that both should still try to match with the rest of the house décor. Slightly darker shades of red can still work as well.

10 red accessories and furniture to have this Chinese New Year

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