Clean your windows safely with Ecovacs Winbot X cordless window cleaning robot

Window cleaning can be such a chore — and even a very dangerous one to do in high-rise apartments here. Freak accidents have happened, with people falling from their units as they were cleaning the windows at home.

Yet, with the amount of rainfall we get here in tropical Singapore, it is almost inevitable that you'd see watermarks from rain splashes, or fingerprints from frequently having to open and close your windows.

Instead of risking your life doing such chores, get a robot to do the job for you.

Newly launched, Ecovacs now has the world's first cordless window cleaning robot — Winbot X.

Watch it do its magic here:

You've found an easy solution

All you need to do is to tap on the buttons on the robot, and its good to go as it works its way across your window panes. You won't have to worry about hard-to-reach spots either as the Ecovacs Winbot X maps out the entire size of the window pane and travels to every corner to give it a thorough clean.

Because the machine is cordless and runs on an internal battery, it can move freely and won't be hindered by messy wires.

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Ecovacs world's first cordless window cleaning robot

Minimal effort

Its rather lightweight at just 1.8kg! Pick up the appliance and attach it to the window to get it going on a daily basis. Then, when you're done, just remove it easily and attach it to another spot in your home again.

The system also has an Edge Detection technology where sensors will detech window and glass edges and ensure the machine doesn't fall off the sides of edgeless windows.

Cleaning in two stages

1) Deep Clean mode: This mode ensures the Winbot X goes over the same area repeatedly so even stubborn stains can be removed.

2) Four-Stage Cleaning Process: Combining mopping and a squeegee, the Winbot X cleans in all directions.

What's more, a full charge allows 50 minute of non-stop cleaning!

All you have to pay is $629 to ensure clean windows, without risking your own safety climbing high up to wipe your windows.

Ecovacs Winbot X is avaialble at Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Hachi.tech and ECOVACS online brand stores on Lazada.sg and Qoo10.sg.