House Tour: TV host Quan Yi Fong's renovates her Siglap apartment

Local host and actress Quan Yi Fong recently refurbished her two-storey, three-bedroom apartment in Siglap. The 44-year-old single mother shares the space with her daughter, 19-year-old Eleanor Lee, who’s an actress, singer and model based in China.

In an interview with Lianhe Wanbao at her renovated home where she’s stayed for six years, Yi Fong said renovation works began in July, a month before her daughter flew back home from Beijing for her holidays. Eleanor has been working in China for the past two years, appearing in commercials and TV dramas, and is currently enrolled in the prestigious Beijing Film Academy, alma mater to Chinese stars like Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming.

The Taiwan-born host had sought her daughter’s opinion on how she wanted the home done up, but she simply requested for the place to still feel like home.

She requested for her interior designer Zoe (pictured) from Zoe8Design to make her home appear more spacious.