8 plants to buy for home this Chinese New Year

Every Chinese New Year, mandarin orange and four season lime trees count among the popular choices for home owners looking for auspicious plants.

But beyond these traditional picks, some are going for non-seasonal plants that will not look out of place beyond the festive season and can be displayed all-year round. Mr P.H. Toh, owner of wholesaler Toh Floriculture Supplies, said that adeniums are one example."Adeniums represent good luck so more customers buy them for Chinese New Year, but they are also popular during other times because they flower throughout the year and are easy to maintain," said the 57-year-old.

He has sold about 3,000 pots of adeniums to market vendors and florists so far this year.

Orchids also remain a popular choice for the new year, said Mr Zhuo Hong Yi, 37, a project manager at orchid nursery Toh Garden. "According to some of our older customers, Singapore printed orchids on banknotes during their generation, so orchids signify money to many of them," he added.

Meanwhile, Ban Nee Chen Nursery has brought in pink-hued dwarf jade bonsai for the first time.

"Customers are always on the lookout for something special and the pink is very eye-catching and people are intrigued by that," said the nursery's project manager, Ms Kelly Ng, 27, who adds that the miniature dwarf jade bonsai pots have sold out at several outlets.

The Straits Times checks out eight plants that will spruce up your space this Chinese New Year and beyond.